If owning a home isn't in your deck of cards right now, we can still help.  We have several rental properties that become available regularly.  Please send us a message to see if we have anything available.  We have a two step application process.  The first is through Rentler and if the income requirements meet the below criteria, the next step is the final application along with a credit and background check that is paid for by the soon to be tenant.  This is the criteria to rent a property we have:

  • 560+ credit score

  • All applicants together need to make 3X the monthly rent/month

  • Tenant MUST complete the Rentler application before doing the final application, credit and background check.

  • Pass a credit & background check through Experian (we send you the link for that after you do the pre-application)

  • Must have renters insurance in place by the time of signing the lease and provide the policy #

  • Tenant responsible for utilities

  • Must have 1st months rent plus deposit at time of signing lease

  • Valid form of government issued id

  • Must be a US citizen or have legal residency/green card.

For a copy of the final application, please click the button called "Application to Rent" and fill out the information and return to us.