First step in purchasing a home

Getting qualified with a lender is the first step in purchasing a home, unless you already have the cash to pay for it.  Don't assume you qualify without talking to a lender.  We have had several situations where the client said they qualify and we had them talk to a lender and they didn't.  There are so many scenarios it would be hard to name them all, but lets say you are current on everything, never a late payment but john doe the identity thief bought a car in Hawaii and so it shows you have a car you have never seen in your life, that is a situation where it can mess with your credit and take time to resolve. When talking to a lender, you want to know how much you can qualify for but most importantly what price range you need to stay within for a payment you are comfortable making.  The lender will ask for information like: your social security number, W-2's, work history, payment stubs, lease agreements (if applicable), bank statements, credit card balances, etc.  This is all normal as they will need all this information to be able to quote you realistic numbers.  

You are welcome to go with any bank or mortgage broker that you wish.  We would recommend that you use some of the lenders we work closely with for a few reasons:

1)  They don't just work 9-5 and are easy to get a hold of when we need them.
2)  They have been in the business for a while and are full time lenders.
3)  They remain current with what is going on in the lending industry.
4)  They are fun to work with.
5)  They are willing to work on hard loans.
6)  They are willing to work with a client long term.
7)  Most important, they are honest.

We would recommend Travis Lemmon at Creekside Mortgage.  His phone number is 801-310-9741 and email  NMLS ID: 393113


Growing up in a small southern Utah town with a family of entrepreneurs, Travis learned from a young age the value of hard work and gained a desire to run his own company. Today that heritage is a major advantage to his clients. As an Owner of Creekside Mortgage Travis loves the flexibility he can provide his borrowers. When working with Travis you get the expertise of working with an industry expert without sacrificing competitive pricing you expect. Travis will walk you through every step of the lending process to find the right fit for your mortgage needs.